A Votary of Vocabula

Do you prize well-spoken, well-written language? Do you believe all right is correct and alright is nonsense, that predominant is an adjective and predominate a verb, that they and them are exclusively plural pronouns, that blithering politicians ought not to be elected to higher office, that a society is generally as lax as its language?

Do you read The Vocabula Review each month? Do you look forward to each issue's publication? Do the articles in TVR amuse you more than they annoy you? Inspire you more than they tire you?

If so, you may want to become a Votary of Vocabula.

As a Votary of Vocabula, you'll receive:

A lifelong* subscription to The Vocabula Review. [A $250 value]
The Vocabula Review on CD-ROM: The 1999–2005 Issues [A $125 value]
The three Vocabula 101 Series books. [A $30 value]
Vocabula Bound: Outbursts, Insights, Explanations, and Oddities. [A $20 value]
A Votary of Vocabula membership card.

The cost is $300.00.

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Then email us at info@vocabula.com. Be sure to tell us your name, address, and email address. We'll then email you your Vocabula password, and mail you the CD-ROM and books.

* The Vocabula Review has been published every month since September 1999, but there is now no way of knowing just how long a "lifelong subscription" to The Vocabula Review will be. TVR may exist another twenty years, ten years, five years, or one year. We're hoping for another fifty or more years.