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The Vocabula Review

Vocabula Communications Company consists of The Vocabula Review, The Daily Vocabula, Vocabula Books, and Language Guardian.

  The Vocabula Review

Vocabula Review logoThe Vocabula Review (TVR) — published on or about the third Sunday of each month — is a journal about the state of the English language.

Along with the evolution of language — the thousands of neologisms that new technologies and new thinking have brought about, for instance — there has been a concurrent, if perhaps less recognizable, devolution of language. The English language has become more precise for some users of it while becoming more plodding for others. Not a small part of this new cumbrousness is due to the loss of distinctions between words, the misuse of words, and other abuses of language.

Equally important, we celebrate its opulence and its elegance. The English language is wonderfully expressive and infinitely flexible. There are many thousands of words and many hundreds of ways in which to use them. The Vocabula Review seeks to promote the richness of our language.

In sum, The Vocabula Review battles nonstandard, careless English and embraces clear, expressive English. We hope we can encourage our readers to do as much.

The Vocabula Review has been published each month since September 1999.

  The Daily Vocabula

The Daily VocabulaThe Daily Vocabula is a free Monday-through-Friday publication of Vocabula Communications Company. Unlike the many word-a-day emails, The Daily Vocabula offers sections on disagreeable English, elegant English, concise English, scarcely used English, as well as other categories.

Sign up to receive The Daily Vocabula by sending your email address to TheDailyVocabula@vocabula.com. More than 4,000 people subscribe to The Daily Vocabula.

  Vocabula Books

Vocabula Books logoVocabula Books, an imprint of Vocabula Communications Company, is now publishing books about language and literature.

If you have a question about Vocabula Books, please write us at editor@vocabula.com.

  Language Guardian

Language Guardian logoLanguage Guardian offers editing and writing services.

Whether you are looking for assistance with textbooks or handbooks, reports or summaries, essays or articles, novels or children's stories, brochures or advertisements, Language Guardian has the editing and writing skills that you require.

For corporations and other businesses that need only occasional editorial help, we are on call and can provide fast turnaround time. Write to editor@vocabula.com or call (978) 309-8730.

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